Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sorry to have taken so long of a break after that last post. Just so you know we are still happy to have had that little life. We are still most thankful for David Patrick. We are still sad that he will not be with us in the flesh. We are still anxious to meet him. I am still coughing a tad. Life in the this crazy household is still moving forward.

I am most thankful that in the still of the night I have once again found peace. I avoided the quiet for awhile. I don't like feeling ill and I don't like quiet time to feel the pain. It is good again though. In the still of the night I once again find the peace that only He can provide.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers, the meals and all of the kind words of support. Thank you for joining us and loving little David. Thank you for mourning his loss and allowing us time to cry.

These words were shared from a friend. I had heard her mention them before, I know them to be true. When I read them directed to me I truly felt as if they were from our heavenly Father himself. I am most thankful they were shared with me again. These are the words that brought me back to His peace in the Still that I had avoided.

Thank you, Dear Friend, for sharing this story with me. It was a conversation she had with her priest after she had miscarried. She was telling the priest that she didn't understand why God would allow her to finally accept being open to another child, to getting pregnant, being excited about the pregnancy, and then losing it. The priest responded something like "God only asked you to create another soul for Him and you did. The graces bestowed on you for your yes are immeasurable. Your job as a mother was completed for this heavenly child. Your goal is to get your children to heaven, rest assured you did just that."

Now in that Still I talk to the heavenly Father. I also talk to David and Declan. I ask both of them to guide the rest of this crazy family so that we can all be together some day at the heavenly banquet.

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