Monday, June 15, 2009

Morning practices

On one hand I hate morning practices. We homeschool people, we never get up early. My kiddos are dragging to get out of bed for these early practices. The good news is that after three weeks of this we are all on a better schedule. The trick is trying to maintain that throughout the summer. It won't be hard this year with Pooker working so much. She always needs to be moving early in the day.

The other hand is a the positive of seeing our friends every day and early in the day. We so enjoy the talking and laughing. It has been very hot, very very very hot but the seeing friends make it all worth while.

That poor water fountain is never working properly. Today it was already backed up so the little ones decided to make mud soup. Yummy.

The kiddos love playing with this little angel baby. She has four older brothers. The oldest one is Pickle's friend. She is so loved by her own brothers and by the T kiddos.

Even Jumba and mom find our friends and hang out. We talk and play on the play set.
Jumba's silly grin is just too much. He does have a harder time with the early practices but once he gets going he is happy.

Notice in this next picture that Bagel is climbing very high. She is resting above the slide. It is about 7 feet high. As soon as I saw here I told her to get down. I just had a bad feeling she would get hurt. "Not until you get my picture!" was the reply. Sugar took the shot and then I demanded that she climb down.

It happened in slow motion. She started to squirm backwards toward the slide and then lost control. Her feet got caught on the slide but by now gravity was taking over. Actually I am glad her feet got caught. She ended up falling straight back. She landed on her back as we all watched and screamed in horror. There was nothing we could do.

She did knock the wind out of herself but other than that was just fine. Oh my goodness, my heart stopped. Thank goodness hers did not. "I am fine, mom, I am fine. Do we have to tell dad?" I am guessing he got mad at her the week before for climbing in that very spot. We told him and were all thankful that the next morning we were up and happy to be at swim practice again.
Look at that happy face. The next couple mornings we stayed clear of the play ground and sat quietly under the pavilion. Bagel we are all so happy that you are OK.

Look at these very happy faces. I am telling you we really love swim practice even when it comes very early in the day. Pickle has a killer smile and Princess can melt my heart with those eyes.

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