Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ballerina Party

Oh so much fun! Moogie, Princess and Bagel were invited to a very girly party last weekend. They were instructed to wear their ballerina outfits. The back up was to wear swim suits, which is what we did.
So many friends came. The mom was on the ball. She had made beautiful tutus for all the girls. Now if you now my children you might see a problem with this scenario. I have been blessed with six of the most beautiful tom-boy girls ever born. I don't think anyone in the bunch likes pink at all. In fact that pretty much hate the color pink. I was worried but I should not have been. They were happy to play along. They got to peek into the lives of so many of their friends.
Maybe the last two are a little more girly than I know about. Bagel loved have the make-up put on her face with the glitter in it. She loved all the flowers that were so carefully put into her hair. I am so thankful for this mom. She made my girls so happy with the new experience.
The party was for one of Princess's favorite friends. Moogie was invited to play with the birthday girl's 10 year old aunt. My children all love the fact that Mrs. N is from a large family and that even though she is a mom with four children she also has a baby sister who is 10. Moogie is hiding in this picture. It did take her awhile to feel comfortable with the tutu.

After dressing the girls headed outside for dancing. This was so foreign to my girls. I think they had a blast.

Moogie wasn't too sure but she had the most wonderful time with Mrs. N's sister. Th two became fast friends.

Even our friends from the Blue Dolphins were there. What a great weekend. Love is one of the cutest babies ever!

What happens after make-up, hair do's, tutus, dancing? A tea party of course. Please take the the time to notice the setting. The cake in the middle is a beautiful tea pot. Each girl had a proper tea set in front of them. Notice the work on the napkins. So beautiful.

This was such a wonderful opportunity for our girls to learn to enjoy and to feel special. The birthday girl was so wonderful to let all the girls to feel as special as she was. Her brothers dressed up in suits and served the food. They had sandwiches, quiches, cheeses, then the fruits to include: grapes, cherries, blue berries, strawberries. Next came the treats. Treys and treys of chocolates, mints, cookies, etc. etc. Oh I can't forget the beautiful and delicious tea pot birthday cake. This was so beautiful. Usually we don't like birthday parties. Too often the focus is so on the birthday child that they act spoiled and rotten, or the parents are behind the idea to show off in some way. This was not the case here. This was so tasteful and fun. The party ended around 5:00 but my girls and I, along with two others families stayed until 9:00 PM.

We then came home and sent the little girls up to bed. I had to remove the tutus from Sugar and Goobers. Maybe I have neglected my poor tom-boys. They all seam to be in girly girl withdrawal. Thanks so much to the N family and to A for sharing her birthday with us.

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