Monday, March 30, 2009

Hands Up and other T-Family Games

I have been looking for the next post for a week or so now. I love to spend this space sharing my joy in having large family. Recently I have loved catching up with friends from grade school and high school on Face Book. I know that as I reveal the 9 kiddos and D in heaven my friends are always shocked, amazed and then curious. How in the heck did that awkward red head grow up to manage a house with 9 children, homeschool the bunch and live in Texas. Often I am asked, "How do you do it?"

I must be honest. It was never our plan to have such a large family. I always wanted six or so but I never thought it would happen. I feel so blessed to have all these kiddos. We have fun no matter what is going on. I have a good group. They support each other. They laugh with each other. I love it. Often I get the joy of laughing right along with them.

Today Moogie had an accident on the play set. After it was determined that she was OK we all (even Moogie) giggled about this all day. Pickle had religion class today and Goobers went to help the teachers. Pooker drove herself to her Senior Core meeting and the other two hung out until she was ready. Apparently Pickle gets along well with the seniors and was talked to more than Pooker. They share every thing. It doesn't matter the age difference, the situation, or the others this is one tight family. God bless the future in-laws. It will be a hard group to crack. Hopefully no cracking will take place just a bigger group.

After this typical day we sat down to dinner. Everyone joined in at the table to share about the day. I suspect this will be the hardest part for future new comers. The T-family has an insane number of after dinner games. Often I get bored and leave before all the shenanigans are over. The kiddos will sit at the table for hours after everyone is finished. They beg dad to start this game or that game. Tonight was no different.

I left when I heard the title. "hands up" It did sound fun but I heard tons of laughing. I took the camera in the try to capture a moment on film. The pictures never do the situation justice. You can not capture the laughs, the joys and the support that can be felt with this group of people. I just thank God that I know them. It is such an honor to be a part of the whole thing.

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