Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Neighborhood Valentine Soda Shoppe

This yearly tradition is so cool. We live in an older, well established neighborhood. I love the silly things that we do each year. These silly traditions of parades, parties and swim team are what have really brought us together as a neighborhood. The generations share with each other. I think this year was extra special. We survived 10 days without power and grew close as a group (after Hurricane Ike).
Mom was off at a swim team meeting while dad and the kiddos got to visit the Soda Shoppe. I must share the great pictures that J got. I really do wish I could have been with them.

Goobers and Sugar

Moogie and Princess with their neighbor friend.

After the ice cream they headed outside to play in the park and the pond.

Evin Jumba wants to get in on the act. Pooker took very good care of him before and after he was soaked.
I know that all the kiddos love Sundays because they get to spend some time with Pooker. She is so busy with her college classes and work that we seeing her all the time but rarely get to hang out with her. By Saturday random children ask if the next day is the day that Pooker just has homework but doesn't have to go to school or work. They miss her. I am really glad that she is giving us a transition year. We get to practice with her being gone but she is still close.

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