Monday, December 15, 2008

River Walk Lights

So we have officially lived in Houston now for over 6 years. I never thought when we moved down here that we would be here for more than 2 years, 3 at the most. I was very depressed our 4th and 5th years here. I felt like the end had come and that we were forever trapped in the hottest place on earth. Now that we are starting our seventh year in Spring I am so thankful for all the time we have spend here. We have the most wonderful friends, neighbors, community, church and winter weather known to man. I miss the change of seasons, my heart aches for it. I miss the snow so much. God still sends me a small taste every now and then. It isn't the same when the leaves are just on one tree and not the entire hillside or when it snows only enough to cover the hood of a car. I do cherish those memories though.
the gang waiting to get on the boaton the boat

We have been told over and over again to head to San Antonio over the Christmas Season to check out all the beautiful lights hanging from the trees over the River Walk. This year we finally took the time to visit and it is was well worth our time. Sugar looks so pretty
Princess was upset because we would not let her stand up
Goobers looking beautiful
mom and Jumba cuddle up to stay warm

the sights were incredible

We waited for the boat to come by and pick us up. This was going to be fun we could tell. The weather was very chilly. Perfect temperature for looking at the lights.

I know the lights all looked crazy. They were so cool. The kiddos all tried to take a ton of pictures and they just can't do it justice. If you ever get the chance to get your self to San Antonio in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I strongly recommend that you pay the minimal fee and ride a boat. There is nothing like being cuddled up to your love ones, as you slowing float through a world of lights. They hang all around you and glitter and shine. The memory is one I will have have forever. Thanks to the Moseley family for telling us to do this six years ago.

You can't tell here but the are standing in front of a statue of Saint Anthony. He really is one of our favorites. The younger ones were surprised when they realized that San Antonio is another way of saying Saint Anthony. Mom and Dad by the pretty tree. Looking back at our crazy kiddos trying to get us to smile. All 9 of them acting goofy.

What a gorgeous group of kiddos. J and I truly felt blessed that night. The lights were awesome but were nothing as compared to the smiles of this crowd. Another taste of heaven.

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  1. GASP!! You were here!?!




    My girls are singing on the Riverwalk this Saturday (while riding a boat). I hope they all stay aboard! LOL!



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