Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Our Holy Father offering the world a Christmas Blessing!

We pray that the joy of Christ find you and give you peace this holiday. It is with great joy that we welcome the child knowing that His hope lies in His Good Friday sacrifice that will bring us all to the Easter of Heaven. The true joy in this season is enjoying that taste of heaven here on earth. We could taste heaven yesterday. We saw hope in each other as we shared gifts of ourselves and then served each other in a delicious meal. Our Christmas starts with the meal of the Eucharist with friends and each other at our Parish and then ends with the meal that we prepare on Christmas day. As the last bite of pie is eaten we drift off into a peaceful sleep knowing that we are loved by each other and by our Heavenly creator. Thank you God for allowing us the joy we felt yesterday. For those that were in pain yesterday please bring them to you and grant them a taste of your joy.

One of the surprises of tonight was the extra car and the fact that Pooker is now covered by the family insurance. She now might be found driving every now and again. The kiddos were all so excited for her. It was a huge family surprise and a great joy to each of us.

The gifts that they got each other were and always are the favorites. They never spend much but the time they spend making or shopping for each other is always so beautiful to see.

This picture was taken in the quiet of the Church after Christmas Eve Mass! We pray that you find the joy of the Season that we feel in our home!

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  1. This picture of all the children is just gorgeous! Great job, Shannon!


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