Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday was Bear's Big Day

Silly kiddos enjoying Bear's 13th birthday!

Happy b-day Bear! This wonderful young man turned 13 on 9-28-08. We went to Mass together and enjoyed our morning. We had lunch and then enjoyed the afternoon playing. The next morning he went with his Dad to a trade show in San Antonio. They were gone just until late Tuesday. One thing they did get to do is go out to dinner at a Red Lobster. Poor Bear loves his seafood, but is never allowed to get it. Goobers and Sugar are both very allergic to shellfish. Bear was thrilled to get his seafood, have time with dad, and the other venders loved Bear and gave him candy. He came home with a ton of it, making him a herro with his siblings. Happy B-day Bear!!


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  2. Happy Birthday....

    Can you believe these boys are 13 years old. That's crazy. Jake, Syd and I decided we all want to party with the Tiemeyers. You always look like you're having so much fun. Love you all,
    Connie & the kids


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