Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is all Peaches!

We have been so busy lately. Everything is so good so please do not think that I am complaining. One of those things that kept me running was the fact that our parish hosted a national LifeTeen training conference. We helped as much as we could. That on top of our day to day life that includes lots of laundry, dishes, and classes. Crazy! Good!, but crazy.

So those that might not know this we have our own religion class for the high school kiddos. We call ourselves the Catholic Coffee Club. We use a great set of books from Midwest Theological Forum called the Didache Series. There are four books one each of the four years of high school. We have around 15 kiddos that come every week and discuss the latest chapter. It started with Pooker wanted to do religion class with some peers. I can sum it up by stating that it is a great group of teens that I learn so much from their discussion.

The LifeTeen Conference was ending on Wednesday, the morning of our class. Pooker and Goobers had helped serve lunch and breakfast with two other home school friends all day Tuesday. They got their own school work finished so that they could volunteer and serve the volunteers that serve the youth around the country. It was a great opportunity for them. I am so thankful that our parish recognized their desire to help and put them to work.

The conference was to end with Mass and our priest had a wonderful homily planned. His homily included a story, his own parable if you will. It was a perfect story to illustrate the information that each individual received and their need to share it and help their groups grow when they got back home. All of this would center around Fr.'s parable of the peach. He didn't want it to end there. The conference attendants were to leave after Mass and head to the airport for transportation home. There was no time for lunch until they were settled in the airport. He knew he could really drive his homily home with a peach. He wanted the peaches to be passed out by the teens.

So this wonderful group of teens gave up their Coffee Time to serve as father requested. We joined in the Mass, one of our teens carried the Cross, Goobers and Bear took up the offertory, and then all the teens passed out peaches after Mass to every person at the conference. I know it sounds a little silly but it was a wonderful display of how great these kiddos are. They are willing to serve in any way asked of them. I am so proud of these kiddos. Thank you God for opening this opportunity for this group to show their love for you and all your servants.

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