Monday, October 27, 2008

Firepit on Sat 10-18

This is such a cool family event. We still have tons of wood to burn, Hurricane Ike saw to that. J has been telling the kiddos that we could do a firepit night. I spent that Saturday sick in bad and J and the kiddos had a blast. Great fun was had by all except for me. We even had a neighbor friend join them around the fire. J and Bear got a good fire going. That was impressive. They decided to grab the cameras because they wanted me to blog about it. I tried to tell them that I wouldn't have cute stories to tell unless they told me what happened. The Pickle just giggled and said that no one reads the blog anyway they just like to see the pictures. So enough said here are the pictures:

Goobers and Bear

Sugar w/Jumba
Sugar and Moogie's friend from the neighborhood.



Bagel (In blue) with her sisters.


They all have a blast together!

What a great Daddy my kiddos have. He loves spending time with them. I just hope that the next time we light up the old firepit that I am well enough to enjoy it with them.

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