Friday, June 13, 2008

Thank you for my Crazy Teens

Today our Bread of Life Home school group held a high school/middle school outing. We met a bunch of teens at Main Event. We got to bowl, play laser tag, and arcade games. It really was a good time. Goobers, Bear and Sugar all went with a friend. They had a blast.

I don't have a story to go with it. I did make an observation. This is often a hard time of year for me in the home school world. I often look back at the school year and see the things that we didn't get to and that we didn't finish. I hear my peers talk about using programs or giving up all together and putting their kiddos in school. I know those options will not work for my children. I run into the pile of laundry and backed up projects that are always put on hold during swim season. I longingly imagine that if my kiddos would attend school and I would have free time during the day. Deep sigh . . . (I sure those of you with your children in traditional school giggle at my silly thought. Who am I kidding, really, the laundry will never go away!)

Then I observe my children in a situation like today. This was one of the first activities that these three have participated in with this group. They had no issues. They walked right in, tried to include those around them that he been left out of games and encouraged their peers. This wasn't a hard task because the other kiddos were mostly home schooled as well, but I still like the character traits I saw today. These kiddos all seam to have self confidence and good manners. At different times I observed each one of my children in various situations where I could see that they are true leaders. They enjoy life. They know how to have fun. Most importantly, they care for others. They were not doing anything grand but in the small things they were being like Christ. It was heart warming to see.

I know we are where we are supposed to me. I know I need to continue to work hard to give them more and more. My job is to help each one find their own calling in life. I can't give up when I get tired. That isn't how it works. I can't go get a job to hide from parenting. I love what I do. I have a high call. MOTHERHOOD is one of the best gifts God has given me through my wonderful husband. For me it includes schooling my children at home. It would be easy to panic this time of year and enroll them in school or in a pre-packaged program, but that isn't what I am supposed to do. No easy way out for me. My husband and I will continue to work through all the chores, encourage each child in their interests, pick the subjects that will challenge and teach each one, help Pooker find the college for her, continue to help each one to live their life for HIS GLORY.

I just need to thank Him for giving me a glimpse into why I do this and for remind me how much I love doing it!

Thanks you! Thank you for wonderful children! Thank you for a supportive family! Thank you for a husband that sees life in the same way! Thank you for peers for our children that are God-fearing, good people! Thank you for the insight today!

My Goobers

My Bear

My Sugar

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