Sunday, June 15, 2008

Nice Tatto Lady!

I blushed when I heard this. Before swim team I was sure I would never hear anything like that ever mentioned about me. For today it was true, I was sporting a nice tattoo on my left arm. During our last home meet Saturday for swim team I was given the honor of helping to pass out the temporary tattoos. They really are cute. Our swim team are the Barracudas A.K.A. the Cudas. We are blessed to have a cartoonist in the neighborhood with kiddos on the team. A few Years back he designed a cartoon Cuda and has given us the rights to use this guy anyway we want. I am not sure what made us think Tattoo, but it did and they are cute.

We put them on everyone. They are supposed to come off pretty easily. As we prepared for Mass this morning, I kept thinking of all the other parents that were cursing that "temporary" tattoo and the lady who put them on. Some of us became addicted to the things and wanted them everywhere. I limited the kiddos to five but some found the other tattoo lady and secured a few more. It was all find unless they didn't come off and were in a visible spot under a sun dress.

Last night I was taking Pooker to work. We drove through to get a large ice tea in a cup that would last all afternoon. The young men working looked out the window and starting laughing at us. . .then without skipping a beat one of the young men said, "Nice Tattoo Lady!" He was right and ya know there is nothing wrong with a little Cuda spirit. I figure God must love the Cudas because we all wore our tattoos proudly to church this morning.

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