Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pray for Moogie

Life has been insane the past few weeks. I hoped that things would settle down a tad after were returned from our trip to Italy. I think they have a little but we are so busy with swim team that I am still hoping to catch my breath soon.

Pooker is doing great with her school work but the rest are behind. We will be doing work over the summer. Honestly in TX that is probably the best way to spend summer. It is just too hot to do anything outside. We will try to get stuff done in the morning and then head to the pool in the afternoons.

I am a tad down this week. Monday marked the six year anniversary of that nasty car accident that I was in. I really am so blessed that I only have three small scars on my foot and a little pain when the weather changes as a result. It was so long ago and yet I remember it so vividly. I still feel so blessed that nothing happen to that little one inside. Our little Princess was not injured and that alone was a complete miracle. Thank you God.

Tonight though Moggie "confided" in me that her chest has been hurting the past couple of days. She didn't want me to tell her dad because he would over react. Well Duh!!!! I told dad, he over reacted and now we anxiously await talking to the doctor. We have all had colds the the past few days. Moogie has had a little cough the past two days and has really been pushing herself at swim team practice. I really think that her chest is sore from the coughing and from the intense swims. I don't think it is her heart at all. . . but I will let you all know.

For those that don't know our little Moogie was born with a very rare congenital heart defect. It was "corrected" when she was six and she is supposed to be "good to go" now. Needless to say that we as a family are very sensitive to the chest when it comes to this little lady. Please say a prayer for her.
Moogie September 2005

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  1. 'Neen,
    Please be assured of my prayers!! I hope it turns out to be nothing but a cold and too much fun at the pool. I will definitely be praying for her.


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