Thursday, May 22, 2008

Odd Day

Monday Cowboy had his shots and then was up that night with a high fevor. Tuesday we slept little being worried about Moogie. Wednesday night Cowboy kept us up again he now was fighting a cold. So after three nights with limited sleep I was out of it today. The four older girls went to a volleyball camp with dad. J helped today at the camp. They all had a blast.

Why all that information . . . today was a very odd day. For the first time in my life I spent my day in a male world. Bear, Pickel, and Cowboy were stuck at home with a very tired mom and just two sisters. The little girls love their big brothers and adore the baby so they were happy. The older girls had a blast with dad at volleyball. My boys are so much like their daddy. They took good care of their mom but refused to kill any bugs for me. They told me that I was big enough to do it myself. ~So why did I have boys?~

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