Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Traditions

I just love the Superbowl even though I hate watching football. I don't love the nasty ads that are 5 to 1 to find the funny, cleaver ones. I know nothing about the teams, the game, or even how the clock works. I never know when to cheer or grunt. It just isn't me. So you might be asking, why does she love the Superbowl then?
(Even the dogs are in on the tradition.)
Family traditions. I still don't know how all of our "family traditions" have gotten started. It doesn't matter because they are here to stay. It might be that if we do something fun with more than one child and they still remember it a year later we call it a tradition. We have a few Superbowl traditions.
(That is not Bear's Beer!)

We watch the Superbowl while eating a variety of appetizers. It used to be that we would buy a few chicken wings from a restaurant but that was thrown out the window as the kiddos got older. One reason is that with 8 of them liking wings it would cost a fortune. The other reason is that I live with a houseful of chef want-to-bees. Now they find a recipe, heat up the cooking oil and make their own chicken wings. While that is going on outside a few others are gathering the other snacks together. Dinner is just one big party food sampling. I did hear on child mention that we could just live on chicken wings for ever.

The other part of the tradition is the bets that take place. It is always the boys vs. the girls. Year past it has been for complete servitude to the winning side by the loosing side for a week. Arguments always break out after two days so the actual payment is usually over within a day or so not the full week. This year the rumor was that it wasn't for complete servitude but for remote control rights. In the end the arguments over the terms were debated and abandoned before the close of game. Some believe that was because Dad's chosen team was losing. If he had just held tight his team would have won in the end. They have a blast arguing over all that even if no on wins.
BOYS VS. GIRLS (Notice Cowboy looking at dad. "So this is how we act during the game!")

Thank you God for my crazy family and our silly traditions!

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  1. Chicken Wings is our favorite too! This year my kiddos went to a Super Bowl party at church, so it was pretty quiet around here. :( I love your crazy family too!


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