Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mardi Gras

We all love Fat Tuesday. In our home it means that our dear friend from the New Orleans area sends the children a King Cake. These cakes are to represent the three kings and season of this cake starts at the Epiphany and ends with Lent. Our always includes the baby. Bagel found the baby king this year. She took baby Jesus to church with her to show the priest and everything. We know that the next day means sacrifice, fasting and abstaining. Fat Tuesday to us means one last day to indulge. It doesn't mean over indulgence. The Texas T family also tries to spend part of day choosing what we might like to give up for Lent and what we might like to add. This can lead to some wonderful discussions. We all try to be honest with what me might want to hang on to. As a family we have decided to really concentrate on our word usage. We use too many bad words in our home. It is bad news. We are also committed to attempt daily Mass. We are also working together in the evenings on home repairs and reading together with less time on the TV between 7 & 10 p.m. Individually the choices ranged from giving up soda, candy and coffee to avoiding Taco Bell. None of us think that is a good one because it was offered by Pickle and he hates Taco Bell anyway. Our prayer is that your family can grow closer to Him as we all spend time thinking of ways to better ourselves in His honor.

Way to go Bagel!

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  1. Yeah Bagel! How fun! Our Fat Tuesday was totally interrupted this year by spending the evening in the hallway, hiding from a possible tornado. Luckily that wasn't an issue for us, Praise God, but we did miss out on our Fat Tuesday tradition of a pancake dinner. I wonder where you can buy a baby Jesus to make homemade King cake? Hmmm! I guess y'all have some. LOL!


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