Saturday, February 2, 2008

Last Friday Pizza Night until Easter

We all like this way to much. When we are not in the middle of swim or volleyball seasons, our Friday nights usually involve a calm evening at home as a family. Often we are watching the new episode of one of our favorite TV shows or a new movie. We might watch a latest Hannah Montana or Suite Life with the entire family. After we say our night prayers as a family we send the younger half up to bed and then watch a new episode of Monk and Psych. For our family these shows are perfect. We enjoy them together as a family and that might be why I love this special time so much.
Now the pizza is another issue all together. I prefer Dominos and J prefers Pizza Hut. The kiddos fall somewhere in between. OK so we then pick the place now the toppings are another issue. From what it looks like little Cowboy likes pepperoni and apparently he prefers Dr Pepper.I tell you they grow up way too fast.


  1. Monk and Physch ROCK! Our favorites too.

  2. I just love them. I can't believe we are down to next week and then no new ones for awhile.


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