Tuesday, December 4, 2007

She's Got The Power!

Last night Bagel found a discarded lithium battery. It was small, flat and round - about the size of a nickel. It seamed harmless enough until she swallowed the darn thing. So in the last 24 hours we have watched the progression on a foreign object in side of little Miss Bagel.

While waiting to hear from the doctor, Bagel sat down to eat dinner. I don't know if this helped the battery to pass faster or not. Pickle paused as I sat his cup in front of him. He turned toward Bagel and in a very serious tone said,
Ya know, now that she swallowed that battery, she can start singing, "I got the power!"

At his point Bear corrected Pickle,
"No she can't, that battery was dead!"

As you can see I live with a crazy group of kiddos. We have all had a good laugh about the battery, the power and the passing. We thank her angel for protecting her from choking and from digesting the battery. The good news is that the battery passed very quickly and without any harm to our little Bagel. Thank you God!

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