Monday, October 8, 2007

No, that is how he coaches!

Pooker woke up Sunday morning with a very bad neck ache. She had no other symptoms so we chalked it up to ‘sleeping funny’ but she moved very slow the rest of the day. When she woke up Monday morning I knew we would need to visit the doctor. Why would one go to the doctor for a crick in the neck, you ask? Well when the patient is a strong willed die hard volleyball player who’s dad/coach stubbornly demands perfection at all times, that’s when. I knew that poker would ‘want to play anyway’ and her dad would tell her to ‘tough up and play through the pain’. Pooker has a very high tolerance for pain and she doesn’t need to hurt herself by ‘playing through it”.

Tonight’s match went well. Her team pulled a win out by wining 2 out of 3 games. Coach dad just helped tonight. I was thrilled that I got to see him ‘coach’. I had been warned that he really gets into the game. We took Cowboy and went with dad and Pooker. Goobers had everything under control at home while mom and Cowboy enjoyed a night out at a volleyball game. My DH is hysterical. He really does get so into the game that he can’t stay off the floor. One girl asked Pooker if her dad was looking for something. Pooker just smiled and said, “No that is how he coaches!” We hope that Pooker is back on the court soon. The season is almost over! GO EAGLES!

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