Saturday, April 15, 2017

EASTER Vigil Mass

The church is made beautiful for the return of the King!  Happy Easter.  We decided to go to the vigil Mass and were super excited to witness all the new Catholics coming into the church. I cried at the baptism of each person.   

The candle light being the only lite in the church at the beginning was amazing.  It was so inspiring sitting in the dark and and hearing the word of God.  When the lights came on it was beautiful.  

This young man is in CCC and we were so excited to see him baptized, Confirmed and Receiving His First holy Communion.  


 This last one had a friend peeking out in the back.  Chris is a friend of Possible's from LifeTeen - he often hides in the background of our pictures.

 It is Easter, He is Risen as He said!  Alleluia Alleluia !

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