Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday - The Bunny Came!

 The bunny was here!

 The Breakfast was yummy and festive.
 The egg hunt was fun!

 The surprise Second hunt in the front yard was a true surprise.  We are not sure how that one even happened as we didn't even leave eggs for the bunny to hide in the front yard.

Easter baskets are important business.  We had lively debates this year about all kind of adult things. I love my family.  Our faith is so much a part of each of them.
 The T family came over as Twin Adorable's God parents.  They came bearing Easter gifts for the girls.

 The real fun began when they planted watermelons with the girls.  An ongoing project, teaching them so much about life.

 The girls are so proud of their plants to be.

After taking formal pictures the kiddos headed out to party while dad and I stuck around the house making a big Easter dinner.  

After a delicious dinner the twins made a visit to the W family to visit Twin Beautiful's God parents.  

This truly was a wonderful day.  Our family had a blast!  We loved being together and celebrating the highest feast in our faith with each other.

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