Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jumbo's Birthday

J and I were out of town over Jumba's big 9th birthday.  His siblings worked hard to make sure his birthday was celebrated in style.  They decorated the house. They invited friends over for a massive nerf game.  They even made sure they all sang to him.  Jumba is so loved by all of his siblings.  Happy birthday big guy!

Okay everyone listen up, because this is something everyone needs to be aware of! This Kid, this awesome human right here is 9 years old today! Jumba is probably the smartest and way cooler then all of us! Can't wait to see what he does with the world! Happy Birthday! Love you lots!

"Jumba is 9!!!!! What the heck happen we was a baby like yesterday!! Happy birthday!!!"

"Happy birthday to this freak just kidding love you Jumba cannot believe you are 9."

I can't believe this guy turns 9 today happy ninth birthday Jumba

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