Friday, February 12, 2016

Mom and Dad Leave Town and The Party Begins.

I joined Jason for a trade show in Kansas City.  I love having the time with my hubby, even knowing things were getting crazy at home.  

We went to early morning Mass, I rested all alone in the hotel room while J was at the tradeshow.  I got so much rest!  I loved it.
Did I mention QT's were everywhere.  I love my QT coffee.
I even drove to Benedictine to visit Gabby, our family friend from St. Louis.  She and I had a delicious lunch while I learned all about her college adventures.

J and I acted silly with all our selfies, but we were enjoying the time away.
We found a fun new coffee house, that was really yummy.
Mean while . . . back at home.It was Mardi Gras the day we left.  The kids took J's old parade costumes and passed out beads at the Edge Family dinner.  

Twin Adorable got a little messy during dinner!  

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