Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve - Welcome 2016

Come on over for a New Years Eve Party.  

The kids really wanted to host a party this year.  They worked their butts off to organize the house so that we could have a party.  I can't help my self put post tons of pictures.  The say it all.  We head a blast.  We paused just before midnight.  We prayed in thanksgiving for 2015 and for anticipated blessings on 2016.  We brought in the new year with each other and many of our dear friends.  

We were wiped out when the party ended, but it was a good tired.  I am so glad the kids pushed us once again.  We loved giving tours of our house and honestly the kids have everything put away. I will need to relocate stuff later but really it looked wonderful.  For the T family it was saying goodbye to our past, welcoming a new life with all those that we love!  
Welcome 2016!  
May your new year be full of joy and Love!

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