Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fr. Keller comes for a Visit

We were so happy to have the visit.  We love being able to show the new house.  As usual a Fr. Tom visit means a fun adventure.  We decided to go bowling.  

We discovered that the twins are cursed with a true T-family trait.  They are perfectionist and did not want to try to bowl at all because they didn't think they would be good at it.

After much persuasion and encouragement the twins agreed to try.  Twin Beautiful would only try upside down and backwards.  Pooker helped her to do just that.

That sparked something and then they crazy bowled the rest of the afternoon.
Onto the pool tables.  That was until we until we went back to bowling.  

Father's visits always mean a fun time.  Today wasn't any different.  We had a good time together.

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