Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Road Trip with Dad

J was headed to Kansas City for a trade show.  The flights were a little sketchy because of snow falling in various other parts of the country.  We decided that since we have the newer car, we might as well head out with dad.  We took the younger half and headed out for a little winter fun.

So we did get lucky and run into some snow.  Poor dad had to work while we got to play and enjoy whatever we saw, including taking time to make snow angels.  

We also really know how to enjoy a fun hotel stay.  The kids had to swim.  The babies enjoyed their time but were not too sure about being cold.

Forget sharing a bed with these two.

We did visit the Money Museum.  We had a blast.  We saw lots of money and even made some of our own.

Yep that is millions of dollars the kids are posing against.  Wow so much money.

Dad used to work for Russell Stover candies and they are based in KC so we had to make a candy run.  YUMMY>

Awe, the big kids missed us. 

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