Saturday, September 20, 2014

LifeTeen Inspired

Growing as a parent leader in LifeTeen sometimes means extra training.  I decided to take the morning off of everyday mommy life and devote it to going deeper in my faith and in ministry work with the teen aged child.  I love the program at STAOP and I love that they hosted the LifeTeen International Training for the Southern portion of the country. 
They are not all sitting nicely for a picture or anything but in that picture above we have the history of our group at STAOP.  All four of those people have brought something different to our program.  Each one has allowed my own group of children to grow in their relationships with God.  I love those four people for that reason (and many other reasons).
We played silly ice breaker games just like we expect the teens to do.

After a workshop we headed to Mass.  Fr. Tom R is so supportive of the youth at STAOP and has done a beautiful job of allowing us to have access to Christ in the Eucharist for varies LifeNights and retreats.  We are very blessed at our parish and one of the reasons is a supportive priest.
Father even joined us for lunch and several of the talks.
Just like the teens we adults enjoyed our social time!

Did I mention that one of the reasons I loved this day was because I got to spend it with my now adult son, Bear?  He really has grown into a young man of faith.  I do not know if he will be a priest or not.  I do know that he will spend his life serving God.

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