Friday, November 29, 2013

Dancing Twins

We all love watching these two. Often when we play music they get together and start their routine.  They are so cute we all just sit and watch. 
Beautiful - Adorable

Adorable - Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful

Beautiful - Adorable

Adorable- Beautiful

Adorable - Beautiful
I guess it is all good when it ends with kisses!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for Family Traditions

The traditions begin with breakfast.  Usually Bear and Princess create our cinnamon rolls masterpieces so that we can eat but not be too full.  Bear struggled to get out of bed this time so it was Dad that helped. 

Dad and Princess
Dad makes sure we all put on those crazy hats.
  While we waited for food all day we enjoyed playing board games.
Everybody helps with a big meal like today.  Mom's help is mostly in going to and from the stores to make sure we have every single item that the kiddos need. 

Adorable - Pooker

Beautiful setting the table

Princess with Beautiful


 Like I said, we all have a job to do.  From breakfast to lunch, which is always appetizers, all the way to the big dinner.  Every job is important but when your job is finished there is nothing wrong with sneaking in a little nap.
 Now onto the good part:
First the dogs get their turkey treats.  Every year we buy special dog food with turkey in it for the dogs.  I know that dad is very thankful for his dogs. Now to the people food.  So much preparation is not wasted on this crowd.
Beautiful and Jumba

Princess and Bagel


Possible, Pooker and Sugar

Twin Adorable
Some one was sneaking bites while older kiddos served everyone.  One thing we realized is that from now on we will need to serve buffet style. As we ate the meal we all shared what we are most thankful for.  Collectively we were thankful for each other, our faith and all this yummy food.  The traditions continued as mom cleared the table (or at least started)and the rest of the crowd began the Simon Says games lead by dad.

 They take this so seriously and look out if you make a mistake. 
 After the meal was cleaned up we then tried for the annual crazy photo with the silly hats.  The first session did not go well.  The babies were just not in it. 

 We regroup a half an hour later and got some cuter shots.

 More games!

The silliness goes on for ever but Thanksgiving day did eventually come to an end.  I pray that your family has as much to be thankful for as my family.  We have each other and we have plenty of earthly gifts.  Most importantly we realize that we have a strong gift of our faith.  We called everyone together after pie time and prayed together.  We prayed for our family and for yours.  We thanked God for this holiday, this special time with each other.  We know each second is a gift and we are so Thankful!