Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another St. Louis Adventure

Goobers, Bear, Sugar, Possible and I headed to St. Louis for a very short visit.  Goobers and I were the drivers but the rest of the kiddos were going somewhere with Fr. Keller.  As luck would have it my sister DeeDee's (from California) oldest daughter was in town with Mimi and KeeKee.  So our adventure in pictures. 
We always know we are almost there when we see the Steak N Shake in Joplin.  It is always our most yummy stop.

My girls and a camera - fun times.

Oh no, Bear was driving - on the highway.  Actually he was doing a great job. 

After the conference kids left, Goobers and I had a blast with Gabs, Tim and Em.  We started at the City Museum together.  This was a blast thanks to Goobers treating us.


Gabs and I enjoyed Ted Drew.  I admit that in a five days I visited 3 times.  It is more about the location and experience than the delicious frozen custard anyway.

The kids had a blast with Fr. Keller.

Fr. Keller got Bear a really cool gift and then all the guys enjoyed the assembly.

Mimi was not sure about the gift.
We all love the pickles from Steak n Shake. 

The favorite part of visiting St. Louis is spending time with family.  Here Mimi is sharing her wisdom with Possible, Gabs and Sugar with "Aunt Lucy" (the dog) all sharing the bed. 

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