Friday, March 8, 2013

Rodeo and Girl Time

 We spent the morning/early afternoon with Miss Brenda.  We wanted her to find some boots for the rodeo.  My girls really feel that you must have the perfect boots to really understand the rodeo.  I love shopping with Miss B.
 She had picked which show we would see, so we made plans and I invited two girl friends of mine.  It was a wonderful night as Miss Brenda, Mrs. W, and Mrs. C all really seamed to enjoy each other's company.  We had a blast and Tim McGraw really does put on a great show.  He is the ultimate entertainer.


What a great night we had.  It was hard going on a Friday night during Lent but we made the most of it with some yummy fish tacos.  We made up for missing the meat by ending the night (or should I say morning?) at Denny's.  Fun times, thank you ladies especially Miss Brenda!

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