Saturday, March 16, 2013

Remember (our Afternoon at) the Alamo

We had promised a visit to the Alamo to Fr. Tom for years and we finally made it happen this trip.  The hard part is that San Antonio is four hours from Houston.  We went, enjoyed our day, and came home.  It would be so much more work to spend the night.  I think our guests had a good time.  It got hot that afternoon - in the high 80's.  It was the last Saturday of our local Spring Break so everything was crowded but maybe that is because we bring a crowd ourselves.  No matter how much you warn people no one is ever prepared for how "under-whelming" the actual building of the Alamo is.  I find it hard to believe the American were able to put up a stand at all when seeing how small the site is.  No mater what I enjoy the Catholic aspect of the Alamo - it was originally a Mission after all. LOVE IT.  So while everyone studies the battle aspect of t he place I like to pause and pray for all that were baptized at what was once a Holy Site.  We even ran into some home school Houston friends bringing out of town guests as well.  

No matter what we will always remember our day at the Alamo with our good friends.


  1. Love your photos! I did have the chance to visit the Alamo a few years ago when I was in San Antonio for a conference. I was also amazed at how small it is. Love the view of the "friar." That touched my Franciscan heart!

  2. Those friars helped shape our country even though they don't get enough credit. I just love seeing those aspects of our American history.


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