Friday, March 15, 2013

Calling All Cowboys and Cowgirls

I admit that the Houston Live Stock and Rodeo is a pretty cool event.  It is huge compared to the many state fairs and smaller rodeos around the country.  In the Rodeo circuit the Houston Rodeo is one of the premier one.  I don't know any thing about that stuff as a sport but I do enjoy watching the events a few times a year.  I have never been a 4-H kind of girl but I do respect all the work that goes into it all.  The rodeo is also a reason to visit Houston in the Spring.  Our guests were ready for a day of adventure being cowboys and cowgirls.  Dad worked hard to make sure we had tickets for everything and he even took the day off of work to enjoy it with us.  

Mutton Busting !!!!  We had talked about this for two years.  Bagel had done it before but was too old and we could not wait for Jumba to get the chance.  Honestly it didn't last long at all.  He didn't have the tight grip that Bagel did.  He had fun though and we enjoyed watching.  Jumba had the most fans for sure!

Meal time for a crowd our size at the very crowded livestock show/carnival/rodeo is not an easy thing to do/  On top of that we are all meat loving Catholics that had to avoid all B-B-Q because it was Friday.  Oh man it smelled so delicious.  We enjoyed our roasted on the cob corn and our "Catholic" flavored baked potatoes.  Yummmm.   
These are some rodeo-fun-loving people!

Dad and I stayed with the little ones to play at the carnival.  We had so much fun and the weather was perfect.  This was a very crowded day but it was so much fun.  The only down side was it was a Friday during Lent.  It is so hard to go to the rodeo and not leave with a B-B-Q sandwich but we still made the most of it.  Look at all the smiles.

Inside at the rodeo and concert, Mrs. Keller, Fr. Tom, the B kids My older ones had a blast.

We all had a blast.  Thank you J for making this possible and for taking the day off of work to spend with us.

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