Saturday, January 26, 2013

Prayers Please

I was so arrogant to not post sooner.

Every year for the past four years, I have driven my kiddos up to St. Louis so that the older ones could buddy up with Fr. Keller's parish and go on the March for Life.  Every year there is a threat of attack to keep us away.  Those demons do not want us to stand up for life.  We always have issues that might keep us from going.  In the past we have had money issues (like money in the bank disappearing - no joke), car trouble and illness.  This year things were going very smoothly.  I have arrogantly figured that we were good.

The March if over and the teens are on their way back.  Well the bus that my kids are on had to make a stop last night at the emergency room.  Apparently my precious daughter Sugar was deep in the throws of an allergic reaction to shellfish.  After the epi pen was used she was breathing calming again.  She was cleared quickly to return on the bus home.  I guess I just didn't think that the attacks would come after the March.  Please continue to pray for the family.  Possible also twisted her foot.  So this poor girl is walking around on the splint with her hand already in a cast.

Pray pray pray, please.  Remember especially Sugar and Possible.  I am sure we will be home within the next few days.  Thank you.


  1. Oh, gosh....will pray....hopefully nothing else will happen!

  2. Iam uplifting your dear children in prayer especially Sugar and Possible. God bless ya'll.


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