Monday, November 19, 2012

So Proud

The older four came up to me last week and asked if they could take a train to St. Louis.  Aside from the fact that I was still dealing with pain from a Kidney Stone, I must have been out of it completely.  I agreed to this plan.  

 Why did the kids want to go?  Their friend, Katie - they met her on a March for Life trip had just had a very difficult surgery.  This young 19 year old was in a lot of pain and was having a very hard time.
 My compassionate kids  spent their own hard earned money to board a bus, transfer to a train, to serve her and her family for a weekend while Katie healed.  Fr. Tom met them at the train station and their adventures began.
I was told by Father that he was very proud of them.  He watched Pooker help Katie's mom with day to day chores, Bear played with Katie's younger siblings while Sugar and Goobers sat with Katie taking care of her needs giving her mom a little rest.  They really are great kiddos and their dad and I are extremely proud of each of them!!

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