Friday, November 9, 2012

J is Moving On

So much has been happening lately but I don't want this moment to pass without recognition. After 11 plus years of working for BIC, J made a difficult decision.  He will be leaving his position with BIC for an opportunity with another company.  This was a hard choice to make.  J loved his company and co-workers.  In the end it was the lack of advancement opportunities that prompted his move.   So he says good bye to so many friends, clients and customers that he has grown close to.  We have always been so thankful for his time with such a wonderful company.  

 Consider yourself lifted from the ban on Sharpie and Gillette products. Now you need to find some very specific cleaning supplies.  AlEn USA is J's new employer.  He took the position of Southwest Regional Manager of Sales.  J is looking forward to making the most of this opportunity using all of his experience.  Good luck J, we know you will do extremely well!
On a side note we have been using the laundry detergent for about three weeks now and everyone has great smelling clothes.

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