Friday, May 18, 2012

Twin Pregnancy Comes With Risks

Monday started with a doctor's visit.  I was feeling awful so J and I headed in thinking we would grab a bite to eat after and then I would be banished back to the bed at home until Thursday.  That was not to be the case.  
The doctor was worried so off to the hospital we went.  We had no bags and were surprised.  At first we thought they might be taking the babies by way of c-section right then.  So here we were with Goobers and Sugar still in St. Louis and M & M on the way.  This was way too much stress for me.
 J took care of things like he always does.  As mom was hooked up to everything to monitor babies and mom, he made arrangements to bring them home early the next morning.  I was started on something to prevent an seizure and slow any possible contractions.  The next morning my girls showed up and I was thrilled.  
 Having all my kiddos together was the highlight of the week.  Now to the babies.  My stress was growing and growing because I was reminded all the time that the longer the babies were inside the better off they would be, BUT we needed to watch for signs of me crashing physically.  I did not handle this well at all.  The Idea of just wanting to get worse drove me insane, not to mention that I was still gaining even more weight.  My legs, knees and belly ached all the time due to the edema.
J felt better about the babies coming early after he visited the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with this Hospital.
                                           (This picture was taken on Thursday night Week 32.4)
J and the kids did everything they could to make me feel better.  I loved all their visits but it was the longest week of my life.  Each day waiting to see my children who all had wonderful stories about life at home without me, all while waiting to feel worse so I could have surgery.  I know that isn't how I should look at it but it was a long dark week for me.
 All of the wonderful baby showers that had been planned for the weekend had to canceled.
 J found that this was a fun way to pass the  time while visiting.
 Each evening they brought a few gifts and we opened night after night.  Thank you to all of our St. Louis family that send gifts for the Baby Shower over Skype that never even happened.  You all are very generous and I really would have loved to have spent time
 Sugar had been staying with me for a few nights.  She was wonderful at getting what I needed.  J stayed one night but honestly Sugar was better company.

 Each kid had their questions about what was going on just like J and I did.  I must be honest that the nursing staff was wonderful.  They were there to answer all questions of mine and of the little ones.
 By Friday night I was overwhelmed with how long I had been there and how much longer it would be.  
The kids had a swim meet the next morning so I knew I would spend the night alone.  This was not an easy night for me.  One nurse pointed out that God was with me even if I didn't feel Him, I said that I knew that but it still didn't feel good.  She then said that the teacher is never talking to you during a test and yet they are always watching.  I did not do well with this test.  
I still can't believe the amount of swelling I have.  Everything ached and it was hard to move my body in any direction.  The could feel the babies move around and to be honest this did offer comfort.  At least I had the divine Mercy Chaplet to listen to as I tried to rest.  The anxiety issues that I have had with pregnancy and insomnia were back full force.    I had to trust that God would be close to me when I needed Him most, even if I couldn't feel Him.  How long would we wait?


  1. You wrote.."How long would we wait?" It almost sounds like you are writing this past tense? Did you have your babies?
    Praying for you!!! And, your little ones!!

  2. Prayers going out for a safe delivery.

  3. Relax, relax, relax. Because pretty soon you will be the busiest you have ever been. So, relax....God has a plan....And I am praying. Relax...(Studies have suggested that reading aloud while pregnant develops babies brains to excel at reading later. And it doesn't matter what you read, so read aloud if you are bored.) (And I agree with you, I hate to be in the hospital.) But Relax! I will pray for you and the babies.

  4. Oh my, I remember waiting. and waiting. and waiting. high risk pregnancies are NO FUN. nope. no fun at all. God's timing is perfect....but could ya just give me the DATE PLEASE????

    I remember. yes. I do. a hard lesson.


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