Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Goobers Is A Driver Now

 Poor Goobers has been working to her drivers Licence for a very long time.  Every time we went to take the big test something else would happen.  We finally had a date and time all set at the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Not sure how the day would unfold with the Twins, Adorable and Beautiful, and with mom, poor Goobers wasn't sure it would happen but it did
 Dad and Pookers made sure their schedules were clear so they could take her.

We all are known to get so nervous that we sometimes forget the little things.  That can kill you when taking "The Test!"


Not Goobers, she aced it.  
We know that you are safe driver and we are so thankful that you did so well on your test.  I love that you have already used the licence to drive the older kiddos to and from the hospital to visit the twins.   Congrats to Goobers.  We are so proud of you and love you bunches and bunches.

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