Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Fun with Pooker and Possible

We had a week full of birthdays.  Possible in now officially a teenager.  Ugh, dad isn't too sure about this one.  He was OK about the first three girls but Possible is forever etched in his heart as the girl healing from open heart surgery as a six year old.  13 is when the family gift is simple makeup.  Dad wasn't happy but Possible was thrilled and looked fantastic.  The other big birthday was two days later for Pooker.  She turned 21 this week.  We waited until her birthday and then went to lunch.  That we we could be with her and share in her first time ordering a beer as her drink for a meal.  Silly I know but we all were so happy when the waiter "carded" her after she ordered.  We cheered, she blushed and produced her card and all were happy.

Possible was generous in allowing us to wait until Pooker's birthday to celebrate both days.  Often we go on the day in between but we all wanted to wait until Pooker was "legal."  It sounds so silly talking about Pooker that way.  She is responsible and will be as a drinking citizen just as she has been without.

It was also just fun sitting as a family, a huge family, in the restaurant. 

The conversations included swim team, makeup, birthdays, lilies and everything else. 
 Dad and Pooker get to share in a beer.

Happy 21st to a beautiful young woman!

 Cheers to you Pooker Baby!
 My two precious birthday girls.
 Possible had a cheesecake and Pooker had a cookie cake.
 Dad and mom could not be prouder of our newest teenager.  She is a beautiful young woman.  She works hard, She takes care of everyone around the house.  She enjoys her older siblings while still playing with the little ones.  In spite of dad's fear she also looks great with her new makeup.
 Dad is having a hard day, I guess.  Possible with makeup and Pooker with beer.  ????
We love this young lady.  Pooker has grown into a wonderful young woman.  She is working hard to find her independence while still being close to her family.  This is not an easy task but she is plugging away.  We love her as much today as we did in those first few moments of seeing her. 

 Our family is girl heavy, thank you God for all our girls. 
 Being together really is a very special time for our whole family.
It is hard trying to decide how to do birthdays with Pooker outside the house now.  These worked out OK.  I really do love my kiddos and they are so cute even when I make then pose looking into the sun.

Happy Birthday to all of these birthday people!  Pooker and Possible we love each of you and wish you all a very special day!

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  1. so many great pics! You are so good at having so many pics...I need to be motivated to do that:)


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