Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half Way (or more!)! - Week 18 update

While bringing pictures over from the phone I found a series of these type of pictures.  I am thinking that my naps are back and I am sleeping harder that I thought.  I was so surprised by this shot and the kids all just giggled.  They know that at least at one point during the day I can be found sound asleep.  I still have energy but not as much.  I can tell that it is slowly draining.  I am still eating well and have given up all caffeine, except for my one decaf morning coffee.  My overall weight is down one pound.  I am not trying to loose at all but eating better does have its side effects.  One problem I am feeling is that I am starving all the time.  I get tired of chewing long before I feel full.  I also try smaller meals more often.  I hate being hungry.  I am told that soon enough I will feel full all the time because the babies will be too big. That will be fun feeling full and starving at the same time.  Oh well,  I will do what I need to for them.
The kids like to come running when I ask for the picture to be taken.  I love all the extra hugs and kisses I have been getting from the other kiddos.  I am missing Pooker more and more, I think I am just that much more emotional.  The older ones say that I get mad much faster these days, and I admit that my patience is all but gone.  The kids are being so good and we are trying to get so much done before the arrival of these special little ones. 

I am shocked that we at the half way markers.  J and I are still a shocked by the fact that we are having TWO babies.  I look 8 months along.  Dad and I sat in the store last night in shock at how our lives will change with two babies.  So many things to think about.  Cloth vs disposable and breast vs bottle are just two small examples.  We have done all of the above, so nothing is new except how each will be different and more expensive with two babies and not one.
I am looking forward to the ultrasound at the end of the month.  We can then start planning by purchasing some outfits and such.  I am looking forward to feeling the babies move more and more.  I need to do the same.  We are going to try to set at least 10 more minutes a day aside for walking.  Everything is going well and the babies are doing well.


  1. I am so excited for you! Great job taking care of yourself and those beautiful babies. Always in our prayers!

  2. You look so happy in that last picture--and rightly so!! Even though I have to admit I am a bit envious, I am also so glad to see your beautiful family and a good person like yourself bring more babies into the world.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! It is so nice to meet another large family momma! You look great. God bless you and babies!

  4. So glad to hear all is going well you are glowing God bless you and that beautiful family of yours I love all the lovely redheads you have there :) Maybe the twins will be too :)
    Blessings to you!


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