Thursday, January 5, 2012

Twins Update 13.4

When you see the word  "Twins" what comes to mind first?
Yep for me it used to be the baseball team.  The Texas T's uncle Resto played for the Twins years ago. 
Growing up I loved the cartoon about the Wonder Twins.  My kids still wonder why every now and then J and I will pump fists and say "Wonder Twins Activate!"

I admit that another set of Twins often comes to mind as they grew up before my eyes and the rest of the worlds .  .  . Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

  They are truly beautiful girls!  Now another image comes to mind right off the bat.

This is what I was looking at when the doctor talked about the second baby.  My twins.  I also think of my expanding belly.  This is the Belly shot from today   Week 13.4

I am feeling great.  I don't fall asleep all the time anymore.  I am now going to try to take the next few months to prepare my home for either a move or for the twins.  I am always hopeful we will move from Houston although it still doesn't look probable.  We will also be pushing school work with lots of organization.  I will need to update the plan for this year and create one for next year.  I know it will likely change but if I have something in mind the kids won't go without after the Twins are born.  I don't want to think that we could have health issues but I will feel better being prepared for the worst. 

The official update is NO NEW NEWS.  I was very disappointed in some ways after yesterday's  uneventful doctors appointment and ultrasound.  The great news is that J and I got to see two babies moving constantly.  It looked like the two were jumping on competing trampolines.  The down side of that is no pictures to remember or share.  They moved so much it prevented a close enough look to determine sexes.  The doctor was also unable to find the answers to my worries.   He thought he saw a second placenta but then didn't think so.  He really felt that when I go back in 4 weeks we will be able to determine a lot more.  He is a little concerned that he didn't see a membrane between the two.  Then he also noted that the placenta looked close to the cervix.  I have read too much to know that a shared sack with a shared placenta that is placed too close to the cervix can mean lots of things that can go wrong.  He mentioned that I might need to see some specialist later on.  For now we will just wait and see.  The good news to walk away with was what the doctor did see, "I saw two very active, very healthy babies that looked just like any other healthy baby at 13 weeks gestation." 


  1. Lots on your mind (and plate!) right now, so we will certainly be keeping the twins and your health forefront in our thoughts and prayers. Yes, twins can be very risky...but you could also have smooth sailing. Regardless, it is in God's hands and your competent doctor's!

    Interesting about the genders...we had to see a perinatologist due to the NT Scan on Luke and he would absolutely NOT venture a guess on genders before our 18-week anatomy scan...and we were there at 16-weeks for a special follow-up! I do think you need to be careful about classifying gender before 20...or at least 18 weeks. While boys are usually a definite, identifying the girls can be somewhat trickier! :)


    P.S. Thanks for the note about the font color...I wondered. I might try to increase the saturation while keeping it light blue.

  2. Try to enjoy what is happening now and not the "what if's" that may come along down the road. Much easier said than done, I know, but the only advice I have for you. Keep praying and know that God already has all this figure out!

  3. The idea that "God already has all this figured out" is very comforting. Thank you so much for putting it to those words. In the end we love the two souls no matter what and everything else is just a detail. Thank you ladies for the reminders and the prayers.

  4. Lisa G. has left a new comment on your post "Twins Update 13.4":

    That is fantastic!!! Congratulations!!! And you are inspirational for us moms just starting our families. I am always nervous about growing my family and whether I will be capable of doing it. But the proof is in the pudding and your family is wonderful! I wish you a happy and healthy twin pregnancy :)

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I tried to approve this comment with my new iphone and instead dismissed it. I copied from the email. Sorry.

    Just taking one day at time and trying to enjoy it knowing they all grow up. Thank you

  5. Congrats on your little blessings! You have a beautiful family! Nice to meet you! Nice to find such a nice Catholic mom :) Every child is a such a blessing :)
    God bless!


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