Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve and the Traditions

In our home Christmas Eve is the big part of the Holiday.  When we lived closer to family we invited everyone over to our home for Christmas Eve and then spent the next day a little more relaxed.  If we visited grandmas that was fine but we had already had our big celebration.  We have continued that the past 10 years since moving to Houston.  Everyone picks out a few of their favorite appetizers that we make after Mass.  We have a little bit of every one's favorite foods.  We eat all night and at some point open the gifts that were sent from aunts and uncles and grandparents.  We also open our gifts to each other.  This year we had the joyous addition of Mr. T with Kat and T-Man.  (They were really missing Linda this year and we were thrilled to have them join us.)

 Lots of junk food makes lots of happy T's.   yummy yummy.

In the end I have to say my favorite gift was this bag of Newborn diapers from the kiddos to mom and dad.  Seeing those little itty bitty diapers makes me feel like all the naps and cravings I am fighting will be for a great cause.  We are all celebrating the twins as they continue to grow.  None of us can wait until next Christmas when we hope to be chasing two little ones around.  Even little T-man said he can't wait until he has two new special friends next Christmas.  God sent us all the best Christmas gifts ever, Friends and Family to share it all with.

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