Thursday, December 29, 2011

12.4 Belly Shot

I have never liked pictures of me, especially as I have gained more and more weight over the years.   It is a very popular thing to take belly pictures of an expanding belly when mom is pregnant.  This is something that I have never allowed to be done.  This pregnancy is so different and everyone is so curious about twins that I decided I would take a week by week shot.  I have pulled some from before I knew I was expecting, some just after the positive test, and then since that doctors appointment I have taken a shot every few days.  I have still been way too prideful to post these shots.  I didn't save them anywhere else but in that folder.  Much to my surprise, as I went to add this weeks shot, I made a grisly discovery.  The folder is gone.  I must have erased it the other day as I was organizing pictures.   So I guess I will go ahead and post this one right away so I don't loose it again. 

The good news is that the babies are growing.  I feel huge already.  We go to the doctor next week with a 15 minute ultrasound check up on their growth and to check their placenta.  If they do share one placenta their weight gain will be closely monitored to make sure one twin is taking all the nutrients from the other.  If the sexes can be determined at 13 weeks we will find out.  I have lost 6 pounds since learning I was pregnant.  J says I am loosing fat from around the back end and the belly is taking it all.  I am not trying to loose just eating better so I look forward to seeing two growing babies.

I am feeling a little more energy this week.  I say a little more but actually I feel like it is night and day difference.  I still need to rest during the day but it isn't an all day long nap.  As I end the first trimester I am getting over the shock of it all.  I had gone so long thinking no more babies, then I was pregnant, and then it was with twins.   I have given up all my cokes and coffees for plain water with one decaf every few days.  This was hard at first but not anymore.  I have tried to make it a point to move more, walk a little farther and not just sit all the time.  This is getting better as I get more and more energy back.  I see twins everywhere now.  I notice how the moms dress them, how they act and just how different it will be with two.   I am most thankful that God is trusting J and I with the formation, care and joy of two more souls.   I long to hold them and kiss them and I pray that is His Will.  We will update you all after the appointment next week. 

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  1. OMG! I guess I haven't visited in quite a while! I didn't know you were expecting..and TWINS! You are superwoman!


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