Saturday, April 24, 2010

World Youth Day 2011

Can I tell you how excited I am that my older children and I might get to join our parish for World Youth Day in Madrid for the next big gathering of Catholic Youth from around the world. Click on words in purple and see what adventures we look forward to. It will be a tad costly but we are going to be working on various fund raisers. Every time I do something about this event I feel close to my friend Linda that passed away in October. She actually saw to it that money was collected for this cause instead of flowers at her funeral. In my mind she is sending her daughter Kat with us. (Her daughter has agreed to use a blog name of KAT - her mom called her Tabby Cat. She wanted to change it up but still honor her so KAT it is.) I will be chaperoning Kat with Sugar, Bear, Goobers, and Pooker. I know we will have a wonderful time. Please offer a prayer for us that over the next year and a half we will prepare in His honor and we can raise the money! Thank you.

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