Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Nation on Earth

So much fun! The kiddos spent the morning cleaning the house for our guests. We had a family over that we met at swim team but then got to know through church. Great people. They have sons that are Bears age and a daughter who is best friends with Moogie.We then ran into more swim team friends at the Waterway. We watched the best firework display in years. Jumba wasn't sure if he would like this or not. When the sounds started he grew more and more anxious. Pooker walked with him for a short while but I didn't want him to think he could walk away.

We worked very hard at managing his fear. In the end he sat on my lap with his head buried. I tried to talk to him the entire time. He preferred that I keep my hand over his ears. I tired to encourage him to at least watch for a minute and see the colors. I was so proud of him for facing that fear and giving it a try. He watched for a minute or so. When the sounds grew louder he buried again.
The sights were beautiful! The friends were wonderful! The time with each other was priceless!

Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing me to be born into the privilege of being a United States citizen. It has been the best nation on earth and I pray that it continues to be that. Thank you for a family to share the celebration with and for dear friends.
God Bless the United States of America!

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