Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pooker and her Thanksgiving pictures

When trying to post the Thanksgiving pictures I realized the Pooker was a main theme. Maybe this was because of her new job. She has been working quit a bit and the younger ones really miss her. When she was life guarding we would just go swimming everyday. She is working a little less now that Thanksgiving has passed but the kiddos really did enjoy the day with her, as you can tell in these pictures. Goobers liked not being the oldest for the day!

Oh My Goodness they are so beautiful. Look at those eyes. I think Bagel looks the most like Pooker did when she was younger.
My girls have taught this little man to pose for the camera. What a good Jumba is becoming.

Pickle was a hard one to capture on film today. He is the one that is heard stating how this is his favorite day of the entire year. He also is worried that his Pooker will be leaving home soon to go away to college. He knows that she will do what she needs to do but he has made it clear that he doesn't want her to go far!
These two are the best of friends. Both in high school right now and enjoying that time with each other. They had a blast leading the crowd on Thanksgiving. Goobers and Pooker will enjoy time like this for ever.

I love these two red-heads. Both are strong willed and bull headed but both Pooker and Princess would do anything to take care of you.

Another Goobers and Pookers!

Bear and Pooker are acting goofy for the camera. She better not hurt the boy. He cooks the best turkey ever, moist and juicy with lots of flavor.

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  1. What fun you guys have! You do have BEAUTIFUL children!


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