Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prepare for Thanksgiving

Our celebration of Thanksgiving starts with planning the meal. Everyone has something to offer and everyone helps on Thanksgiving day. Our preparation began with mom shopping over the past month and picking up odds and ends when they were at a good price. Then we all sat down and planned the meal on paper. This is one of the rare times that mom and dad don't say no to something and we try to work it all in. After the list we headed to the grocery store with everyone. This doesn't happen often. It just gets expensive when 11 people throw "just one thing" in the basket. It is worth it for this meal.

I love taking them all with me. We really do draw attention by our numbers. We walked down every isle and got to hear meal wishes from each child.
We were stopped by several strangers asking if they were all ours.

We were asked one time if we planned on having more. This was from a woman that herself was pushing a cart with 3 kiddos. Girl-Girl-Boy and they were adorable. We answered as we always do, "We are open to it. We are not currently expecting but it is in God's hand." She smiled and said "same here". Pooker has recently started working at the grocery store so we were also stopped by many of her co-workers asking if this was her famous family. The fun thing was that she also gets a turkey for being an employee. So this year she got to contribute the main dish.
After our shopping was finished and our frozen turkey thawed, we had to wait. This is the hardest part.

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