Monday, November 24, 2008

Faith studies for the little ones

I sat with a friend a few weeks back and discussed how I was not working enough with the little ones. She wanted to do a religion class for her 3 year old and wanted to know if my little ones could join in. As it turned out we had a blast just my kiddos with her son. We made bracelets with all of our friends names on it. We prayed for them. We talked about the Saints, the angels and all God's people. It was great fun! Now we are trying to get together for the next class. It is time for Moses and Ten Commandments. We have had to cancel two weeks in a row due to sick kiddos so maybe next week we can get back to our studies. Bagel and Princess loved "their" class. They needed it. Here is Princess working on her friend bracelet.

Bagel working on her bracelet.

Mrs. W and her son C. working hard on our page to color.

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