Sunday, November 2, 2008

"The best Halloween Ever!" part 1

Playing games at the neighborhood party 10-25-08
Those were Pickle's direct words. I agree with him. We did things a little different that added to years past and the outcome was wonderful. The celebration was so much fun and lasted until after midnight. Thank goodness we will be catching up on sleep the next night with Day Light Savings.
Princess as our favorite Teenager and not as a donkey! 10-25-08
Moggie as a star with her new best friend. 10-25-08
Goobers with Bagel as Buzz Lightyear 10-25-08
Pooker keeping a watchful eye on all her siblings. 10-25-08
Sugar walking to the party with the group. 10-25-08

Pickle as Woody 10-25-08
Bear with Jumba the Bumble Bee 10-25-08
It all started the Saturday before. J and I were going to an engagement party for some dear friends, Congratulations Mike & Shannon!! The kiddos decided that they still wanted to go to the neighborhood Halloween party. Pooker was staying home and she and Goobers could make it all happen. They got ready as we did. WE dressed up as they dug through the buckets to find just the right "stand by" costumes. Princess is much more aware of our political surroundings that I first thought. She caught Bagel putting on an Eeyore Costume and grew horrified. We didn't understand at first until she explained that all donkeys believed in abortions. She is smart little bugger that picks up on a lot. No Eeyore this year.

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