Monday, November 24, 2008

Another great PE Day

I love our Bread of Life group. As homeschoolers it is so important to create opportunities for interaction with other kiddos. Our PE Days is such a fun way to spend time with our friends in a more organized fashion. We enjoyed learning about football on the 14Th of November. I know nothing about this sport except that it takes tons of my husbands time up on Sunday afternoons, Monday nights and various other days in the year. I have tried to understand it and pay attention but I would so much rather be doing anything than sitting there. No way could I teach my kiddos how to play the sport of American Football. No worries I just needed to reserve the time and ask other moms and dads to do it. J is so lucky to have so many children that love sports also. They all had a blast learning as much as they could about it at PE Days. I was lucky that other moms were there to teach and I just walked around taking pictures again. The dads got the older kids and just played a game. I hear that the other dad was as sore as J was. I think that dad's took it too seriously, but all in fun. I think that J would tell you that it was another vacation day well spent, but Goobers and Sugar were a little upset that dad wouldn't pass the ball to them very much. Seriously I need to thank all the dads and moms that were not afraid to be sore the next morning and teach the children how to play a little American Football.

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