Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jumba (aka Cowboy) and 9-1-1

Around 2:30 this afternoon we had the scare of a life time. Well maybe not for a life time but for today at least. I know every child will stop my heart at different times but this one was really a surprise. We were sitting in our clean home after having done our morning chores and were watching a movie. Jumba, formerly known as Cowboy, was crawling around and climbing up on everything. This is not a big deal as he walks, climbs, babbles and pretty much gets into everything. I worry about his safely when things are allover but today the house was picked up.

He crawled out of my sight but was still in the open. he was just behind the couch in the very active hallway. One of the kiddos walked by him and said something is wrong with the baby. I jumped up to pick him up. He looked panicked and had bubbles coming out of his mouth. I picked him up and put him over my arm in a football hold and ran to J who was in the bedroom. He seamed like he was choking. We could tell he was still getting air in and out but he wasn't breathing normally. He was trying to spit.

Our oldest the Lifeguard came to the our aid as we all tried the techniques that we have been taught or have tried over the years to help him. The airway became blocked and the poor baby was frozen with fear and shock. Pooker yelled for 9-1-1. I love our family because no matter what we work well together. I grabbed the phone leaving Jumba in the very capable arms of his daddy and his sister. They were both calm and cool as they helped. I stepped out the front door and dialed. My first attempt was 3-1-1. I hung up before it connected. It hit me then how it is really easy to panic to the point of danger. I needed to calm down and get help here soon.

Sugar followed me and asked what was happening. I answered her as calmly as I could as I dialed 9-1-1, "Jumba is choking and we can't seam to help him, get the little ones out of the way, try upstairs I am calling for help." She walked in and did exactly what I said. I was very proud of her as she calmly told the little ones to head upstairs and pray for the baby, mom was calling for an ambulance. Bear heard that and began to secure the pets. Dogs outside, cats in the bedroom with doors closed. It was like we had prepared for this our whole lives.

It takes forever to get someone then they just told me to hold. I was so worried that he would be gone before we could even get help. Bear came to the front porch as I began to finally speak with the paramedic. They ask several questions before they can help. Address, name, patients name and age, then specific questions . . .my mind was racing and I could tell as I glanced back in that the situation was not changed. Dad and Pooker were still holding the baby, he was still awake and everyone looked terrified. Bear stood in the doorway he knew that if the kiddos got loud I need to shut the door but that I also needed to know what to tell the man on the other end of the phone line.

This 3 minute phone call felt like it was lasting years. And then Pooker confidently yelled to me that he was OK. I walked in to see Jumba laughing and dad hugging him. We think he swallowed a penny. I think that it was turning. Air in and then not. He must have gotten it past the spot and all the way down. It was amazing to me how he went from ill, pail, bubbles int he mouth to complete joy, great color and giggles. We ended our 9-1-1 call and went back to our day. Well I did after getting sick. That had scared the day lights out of me. Once again we will be checking what comes out and thanking God for our healthy happy child. I am also very thankful for each of my kiddos. They all did what was needed as it was needed. Very cool babies.

Thank you God for our little Jumba. He is a wonderful young man that will be a baby just until Monday when he turns one. Thank you for a wonderful family that takes charge and handles even emergency situations with grace and style. Thank you for such a wonderful outcome!


  1. How scary! Thank goodness he's ok. What a beauitful family!

  2. Oh my goodness!! I am so glad everything turned out well! Still lurking over here at your blog and enjoying your beautiful family!!

  3. Wow, how scary! I'm so glad he's okay. Thanks be to God!

  4. Shann, I had chills the entire time I read this post. How you all kept your cool is amazing. I'm so happy that all turned out well. Jumba huh? How did that name come about? Happy Birthday Jumba!!
    Love you all,
    Connie, Jake and Sydney

  5. There was no "keeping my cool" at all. J and Pooker were amazing. I am so proud of Dani. She is wanting to go into some sort of nursing and I know she would do wonderful with that. Thanks for all the well wishes. Jumba has been fine and getting into plenty of mischief all week. His poor guardian angel works so hard.


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